Welcome to the Upstate Conservative Coalition.

We are a group of like minded individuals determined to promote traditional conservative values in our communities and beyond. 

Founded as a grass roots organization in the capital region of upstate New York  Jan. 2009 , our first mission is to increase our participation and membership. Our intent is to meet monthly and discuss how we can make a difference in both local and national politics.

We hold a monthly meetings at locations in Saratoga County. Please check the website for updates on Dates . Our meetings are open to the public some come and check us out. If meetings are not your thing, sign up and receive our email correspondence. 
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We will have a booth at the Saratoga County Fair July 23-28, 2024
Smith building

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This past election cycle we saw far too many races, especially at the town level being decided by which candidate was able to secure the Conservative line. It is imperative that we stay in control of that line to shape the elections to come. 

Currently the Saratoga County Conservative Party has in its leadership a small but active group of Upstate Conservative Coalition members. We need to build up our numbers to ensure the Conservative line is protected. This would require those who are not currently registered as Conservatives to switch their enrollment. I know the major argument against doing this is that you would lose your ability to vote in primaries. The reality is that primaries usually do not change the outcomes of the Republican line. You would have a greater influence as a conservative and having a greater say in which candidate secures that ballot line.  

We will discuss strategy and lay out a plan for the UCC for 2024. 

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The state of New York really should be two separate states.
 The views of people who live in the upstate and downstate areas are very different. While approval of both Congress and State Legislature is needed to divide NY  into two states; an amendment to our New York State constitution is all that is  needed to divide our state into three completely autonomous regions. 
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