Mission Statement
The Upstate Conservative Coalition's mission is to promote the conservative principles set forth in the Constitution by our founding fathers. Less Government involvement with an emphasis on personal responsibility, lower taxes, and to protect the rights and freedoms of the individual.
As a grass roots organization with limited resources, our goal is to become a duplicatable model for other groups around the state and country to follow.

  We Believe . . .

1) In the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as they        were originally intended by our founding Fathers.

2) That the U.S. Constitution must be protected from any form of dismantling          or razing.

3) Tyranny over the People is prevented when the Constitutional checks &         balances are maintained.

4) That socialism and communism are in direct conflict with the U.S.                  Constitution and its established precepts to protect individual liberty                  and freedom.

5) That the intentional anti-American indoctrinations and misrepresentations            of our rich American History must cease.

6) Our National Sovereignty is precious and necessary, therefore, our borders     must be recognized and protected.

7) In making English the official language of the United States.

8) Government must be downsized.

9) Deficit spending must cease.

10) A balanced budget must be demanded and expected.

11) The reduction of Income and business taxes is imperative.

12) A strong military is essential for the victory of freedom and individual                    liberty to continue.

13) Traditional Family values are the building block of any great nation and         therefore, they must be encouraged and promoted.

14) Domestic employment, free markets and private property rights are                indispensable.

15) That our nation was founded solidly on and rooted in Judeo-Christian
   values and principles; securing freedom of religion, valuing the sanctity             of life, liberty and justice for ALL!

Upstate Conservative Coalition Declaration of Creed